I deliver highly professional and very practical coaching to people no matter the stage of their career, empowering them to maximise the Career Inside Track.  I have over a decade of experience in senior executive roles and am well respected and trusted within my networks.  I am a proven mentor and coach both formally and informally, with the honour of winning the Ernst & Young “Excellence in Coaching” in 2008.  My compassionate, encouraging and enthusiastic, yet downright honest and flexible approach will ensure that you get a competitive edge, put your best foot forward and be the boss of your career. 

Why have I chosen this path?

In 2011, I was nominated by Ernst & Young to attend a Leadership Development Program which proved to be a perfect mid-career opportunity to better understand my thinking and behaviours.  I learnt that my primary style is “Humanistic-Encouraging”, with the facilitator commenting that my score was “off the charts” and nothing like she had seen before.  This extremely high praise was welcomed, albeit a little surprising, and over the duration of the course I quickly realised that I possessed skills and attributes I did not know I had. In a way, the facilitator gave me my own inside track to understanding my unique set of skills and strengths. Little did I know at the time but this was the beginning of me understanding my own true competitive edge. Ultimately the course highlighted that the following comes very naturally to me:


Included in the "Competitive Edge" package is an exercise which will help you understand and articulate your personal brand.  I recently undertook this exercise myself to better understand what I am known for and how people experience me.  This is my word collage…  

  • A focused concern for growth and development of others
  • Optimism regarding what people can accomplish
  • The willingness to assist others with self-improvement
  • Appreciation of the strengths in others
  • Belief in their potential for improvement
  • The ability to inspire and motivate others
  • A nurturing approach to relationships (1).

Friends and family often remind me I have always displayed these strengths in both my professional and personal life. However, I had never thought to make a career out of it until 60+ hard working individuals and I were made redundant from a not-for-profit organisation due to a shift in government policy.  It was through this adversity that I truly realised my gift at helping people through professional coaching to identify their competitive edge, put their best foot forward and be the boss of their career despite the difficult circumstances.  I took a big risk, established my own business and here I am! 

 (1) Human Synergistics.  Life Style Inventory: Combined Self-Development Guide. Strengthening organisations through individual effectiveness.

What is my competitive edge?

The key defining edge that sets me apart from most other career coaches and mentors is the knowledge and skills that real-world industry experience has afforded me. Over the last 15 years I have held senior executive roles in government and not-for-profit organisations as well as a 10 year role with one of the “Big 4” professional services firms. I have experience as a proven mentor and coach to several professionals over the last decade both formally and informally, with the honour of winning the Ernst & Young “Excellence in Coaching” award in 2008. I have extensive exposure to a wide array of industries and business environments, including Commonwealth, State and Territory government departments, government owned corporations, ASX listed companies and not-for-profit organisations. In addition, I have held several roles on national committees and working groups, contributing to and informing policy for all Australians.

This wide exposure has afforded me a unique blend of public and private sector nous with a focused experience and a deep capability set in governance across varying environments.

Specifically my qualifications and ongoing education include:

  • Jim Bright's Accredited Career Counselling, Coaching and Assessment Course
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • Becoming Us Facilitator
  • Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)
  • Member CPA Australia (CPA)
  • Fellowship, UTS Centre for Health Economics Research and Evaluation (CHERE) 

On a personal level, I am also highly committed to the development of myself as person. I take great joy in volunteering as a Psychological First Aid Officer with the Australian Red Cross, supporting local communities and people in responding to disasters.  I find my resilience and ability to work under immense pressure enables me to be a highly effective member of emergency response teams.     

I love to regularly compete in long distance runs and more recently, beginner triathlons. These pursuits have been fabulous at building my strength and resilience both mentally and physically. I am also an absolutely fanatical skier. A career break in my mid 20s allowed me to live and work in a ski resort in Canada and pursue my love of this sport.  Learning to ski as an adult taught me that agility and risk-taking are all necessary evils in continuing to develop myself.

Finally last but definitely not least, I am a mumma (and mummy-step) of three gorgeous kids who are my biggest supporters and make me laugh every day.  They have presented me the opportunity to view the world through a different lens and taught me that patience really is a virtue!