Is your career fit and healthy?

There’s a marathon that is running its course across Australia – the unemployment status.  It is unfortunately impacting thousands of people across the private, not-for-profit and the government sectors as redundancies continue to take hold.

These days careers can be chaotic with the level of business and government sector uncertainty that’s underpinned by constant reminders that the country’s budget is not in great shape. It’s certainly a nervous time.

The question for those affected is: can you stay in great professional shape, get competitive and ensure that you are in peak form for this race?

Just like running a marathon, your competitive edge comes down to experience, knowledge, insight and expert coaching. 

When times are good, people will spend on fitness coaches, even lifestyle coaches like dietitians, but rarely do professionals think ahead about a career coach to keep their professional lives on track. Knowing yourself and preparing for the times that are, in this case, predictably difficult is really important to ensure you can sustain the long race.

“Losing your job can have a massive impact on your health, which in turn can make it harder for you to get another job,” Australian Chamber of Commerce CEO Kate Carnell highlighted at a Social Determinants of Health talk recently. 

Despite the evidence being clear, why do we coach our bodies to stay healthy, but not our careers – the one thing that will keep us the healthiest?

Everyone has a competitive edge when it comes to their careers.  Spending quality time understanding what this is, either to get job search ready, maximise performance or just to check in to make sure that you are ‘on track’ are vital.  

Being opportunity aware, having a strong personal brand, owning your strengths and success, and optimising your networks are all essential elements contributing to your career resilience.

So, how fit and healthy is your career?...

  1. Are you highly effective at recognising, creating, utilising, and adapting to opportunities brought about by chance?  Or do you feel vulnerable by unplanned events which are often beyond your control?

  2. Do you have a clear, consistent message about who you are and what you have to offer which will differentiate you from everyone else?   

  3. Are you aware of the ‘sellable’ benefits that the organisation will realise by employing you?  Have you thought about the evidence to substantiate this?

  4. Rather than listing the bunch of skills you have, can you confidentially say “my key strengths are”, along with your key achievements and successes?

  5. Do you actively invest time on building, nurturing and optimising your networks so they work to your advantage?

To help you answer these questions and get your career in shape, Career Inside Track is facilitating very practical ‘Annual Career Check-Up: 100 Point Check’ workshops across Australia over the coming months.  Spaces are strictly limited.  To register your interest, please click here.

Having a strong background in executive roles in the health industry, I understand the importance of employment on health outcomes.  Now more than ever the ‘dress rehearsal’ matters to ensure you are well prepared for the uncertainty ahead.

I encourage you to read my testimonials on to see how I have practically helped others discover the height of their strengths, overcome self-doubt and build a career that they are passionate about.

Run your own marathon.  Put in the effort to get your career fit and healthy - prepare, practice and get a competitive edge so you are in peak form and well prepared for the race ahead.