Embrace chaos!

Chaos – some of us thrive on it whilst others run for the hills.  I love it.  I embrace it, live it, breathe it.  And since last year when I discovered I wasn’t alone and came across the Jim Bright “chaos” approach to career development, I have shared it with clients.

I believe that embracing chaos is a skill that can be learnt and flexed.  Self-awareness is the initial first step in recognising how you deal with the elements of chaos given your ways of thinking.  Jim suggests that these are chance, change and uncertainty. 

Like most things, our childhood plays a major part in who we are today.  Looking back over my career, I’ve always gravitated towards embracing chaos as it is what I know best. 

So why I am writing about it today?

Last week I facilitated a Senior Executive planning day where we started off by reflecting upon the organisation’s “highly political landscape” with a positive discussion about the “state of play” constantly changing and being uncertain.  Yes, a positive discussion – and while the very thought of “uncertainty” would freeze some people in their boots, these executives were empowered about the potential opportunities.

This was followed by self-reflection on each of the executives’ skills in embracing chaos, given their results from the Career Inside Track online tools (licensed from Bright & Associates).  Each of them scored very similarly in their ability to recognise and embrace continual change, which is no doubt why they’re such a collegiate leadership group and could have fruitful discussions about “what opportunities uncertainty brings”. 

But it’s all about whether you can walk the talk when the “stuff hits the fan” – which it did later that morning.  To their credit, this group of executives’ swang into action, responded quickly, remained flexible and calm and got on with the job to hand.   Needless to say the planning day was postponed – a true example of embracing chaos.

I should also add, it worked out perfectly for me as I could visit another highly valued client and “fight an urgent fire” which had erupted about the same time.  Also I could stop off and get petrol - sounds trivial I know, but it was one of “those” days where embracing chaos along with every minute was a precious gift. 

Embrace chaos - life’s much easier if you can!

Later this year I will be presenting on the importance of embracing chaos in your career and life at the 2015 Very Best Dressed fundraising event being held in Canberra.  To register your interest please email me at Vanessa@careerinsidetrack.com.

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