The "Confidence and Clarity: Returning to Work" program

Congratulations on returning to work and becoming a Career Mum or Dad.  For some people this is an exciting journey, whilst for others the prospect of returning to work can conjure up feelings of anxiety and dread.

There is no 'one-size-fits-all' strategy to manage this transition and the challenges that you are facing, nor will this be the same experience for everyone.  Planning is crucial to ensure that you're at your best.

Do you want the practical blue-print for confidence and clarity?  Sign up today and be the #BestVersionOfYourself in this next career stage.

The "Annual Career Check-up: 100 Point Check" workshop

Have you recently spent quality time understanding the elements of your career identity (ID), either to get job search ready, maximise your performance or just check in to make sure you are "on track"?  

In this very practical 3 hour workshop, we will cover:

  • how chaos theory applies to your career so far
  • the key elements that contribute to your career resilience  
    • opportunity awareness 
    • owning your strengths and successes 
    • developing your personal brand
    • optimising your networking

Most people spend thousands of dollars investing in their health and fitness annually, but often little or, worse still, nothing on the 'health' of their career.  Does this sound like you?  It is definitely time for a Career Inside Track annual check up!  A small investment in your career today will help you reap the rewards for years to come.

The "New Horizons: Get Job Ready" workshop

Have you been made redundant and not sure where to next?  Or have you been out of the workforce for a period of time and need to get job search ready?  

Losing your job doesn't define you, nor does being out of the workforce for a period of time.  However this does provide you with an opportunity to reshape your career.  As difficult as it sounds, it is how you embrace this situation that really matters.  You need to stay focused and recognise that the skills you have are valuable.

In this practical 5 hour workshop, we will cover the essential elements of getting job ready - everything from:

  • better understanding your personal brand
  • optimising your networks
  • searching for jobs
  • updating your CV
  • preparing a quality application (both the covering letter and the selection criteria) 
  • job interview preparation
  • post interview debrief

This hands-on workshop offers incredible value. You will walk away equipped with all the essential tools and techniques to ensure you are job ready now.  

The "Believe in Yourself" program

Do you have low self-esteem?  Do you want to be more confident?  Then this practical 4 month program is for you!

In this hands-on program, we adopt practical tools to help you develop a realistic and appreciative opinion of yourself.  Some of the topics covered include:

  • self-awareness, appreciation and trust 
  • identifying your strengths and owning your achievements 
  • overcoming fear and embracing opportunity 
  • resilience and self-care
  • making choices to be your best self

Don’t continue to be restricted because of difficulties with self-esteem and confidence – do something about it and call me today.