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12 December 2016 - Build a Fulfilled 2017

25 February 2015 - You were born assertive, so what has changed?

26 January 2015  - New Year + No Fear = You Career

Very Best Dressed fundraising events

THANK YOU to everyone who supported the Very Best Dressed fundraising events. Through this fundraising campaign, over 1,350 items of quality new & used work clothes have been donated to charities which help people experiencing hardship get job ready.

Canberra Business News, 1 December 2014 - Have you gone full circle or are you going full circles with your career?


When times are good, people will spend on fitness coaches, even lifestyle coaches like dietitians, but rarely do people think ahead about a career coach to keep their professional lives on track.

Vanessa Vanderhoek has hit the ground sprinting with her new business, Career Inside Track in which she's helping people work the 'full circle' of their career life.

Press the Point, 19 November 2014 - Brand Yourself and Brand for Life

Having a personal brand is important to all of us, not just big corporations with those big budgets to match. That’s the key message, Vanessa Vanderhoek told attendees at her recent Very Best Dressed workshop focused on first impressions, held at the Duxton in Canberra.

A variety of Canberra’s executives from CEOs, corporate managers, consultants and public servants came along to get tips on how to make a lasting first impression in their business and careers.

"Proudly supported by local business, the highlight of the night was raising 800 high quality pre-loved work outfits for donation to Comms@Work, a local charity which helps the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in Canberra get back into the workforce," said Vanessa.

Her Canberra, 6 November 2014 - Women at Work: Vanessa Vanderhoek

There's an old saying that something good always comes from adversity - and for Vanessa Vanderhoek, this couldn't be more accurate.

After the not-for-profit organisation she was working for lost government funding earlier this year, leaving over 60 people redundant, Vanessa had a "light bulb" moment that would set her on a new career path.