Making Flexible Working Work

"A great opportunity to step away and to look at the team and our work from a different perspective - an empowering and collaborative way to improve work life balance and productivity for everyone." - Jennifer Nobbs, Executive Director ABF, IHPA

"A powerful way to engage individuals, teams, and management in open discussions about how our work can evolve with the times so that we may find great work life balance." - Vanessa D'Souza, Manager, IHPA

"Thought provoking and innovative.  Opened my eyes to the possibilities!" - Olga Liava, Executive Officer, IHPA

"Loved the tailored activities and scenarios - very helpful and practical to understand the different perspectives." 

"A thought provoking and very useful session run by a highly engaging facilitator - thank you!" - Alix Higgins, Manager Classification Standards, IHPA

"It was great, very informative!  Thank you."

"Another great piece of work from Career Inside Track!"

"Really well planned and managed."

"Materials provided were very useful and high quality."

"Open discussions with colleagues about their perspectives and expediences was great!"

The "New Horizons: Get Job Ready" workshop

"The workshop is well designed and presented.  Many thanks for your excellent presentation.  I thoroughly enjoyed this training in such a difficult area.  I found all of the sessions very valuable, particularly preparing for "the job", the CV refresh and the preparing for interviews.  The workshop totally achieved the purpose and exceeded expectations!  I even enjoyed the pre-workshop homework activity and think that your presentation of our 'personal brand' was innovative and a fantastic confidence booster.  Thank you for a great presentation and I enjoyed your humor!"

"Vanessa was excellent - relaxed, honest, easy going and let everyone contribute.  All topics were stimulating and very relevant to me right now.  I walked in nervous and not at all confident to complete an interview.  By 3.30pm I walked out excited and truly boosted!"

"Just brilliant - thank you Vanessa!  I really enjoyed it."

“Great information and presentation in a no "BS" way.  Very practical and real world.  Very refreshing!”

“It has been a wonderful opportunity to increase my interview knowledge and experience.  I think this is a very helpful course for anyone looking for a job."

"Fantastic informative workshop.  I believe that I am on my way to being "job ready" with lots of useful information that was very well explained.   I  recommend this workshop to anyone looking for good advice on becoming interview ready."

"I now feel confident to improve my CV, covering letter and answering interview questions."

"Really valued the day.  Made me think about my next job application in a different light.  Great up-skilling for a 56-year old!"

"Learning how to identify my strengths was most valuable and how to use key words in job applications."

“All the topics have been very beneficial and practical in applying interview techniques.  I feel like I will be more confident when applying for jobs in the future.  It has been excellent as it has been very good to know what to expect and how to prepare.”

“Great interview tips - I feel more confident about interviews now.”

The "Believe in Yourself" program

"Vanessa you have changed my life!"

"There are several aspects covered in the program that impacted on me in a dramatic turning of my thinking, attitude and definition of self that overhauled my self-esteem to empower me to gain confidence in myself and permit myself to move and grow in a positive direction.  All topics were relevant to me and have changed me from feeling defeated to being confident in myself.  Thank you Vanessa."

“Everyone was made to feel really comfortable; no-one was judged and people were able to tell their stories - it was a great program!”

"I believe the program was really well organised - no changes should be made."

“Really enjoyable and informative program.  A great safe space to be open and able to share free of judgement.”

“Excellent environment with lots of talking and openness.  A very positive leader, thank you Vanessa!"

“Great program - very positive impact!”

“I got a job from attending this program and some skills to help me in maintaining the job, my physical self and my sanity.”

“I believe this program will be helpful in my life for change, interview skills and for life skills for myself.”

The "2014 Very Best Dressed" fundraising event

“This fundraising and donating event has attracted some really high quality pre-loved business clothing and this is so appreciated by our program staff and will be of great benefit to those really keen to look just right for that next job interview.” Lynne Harwood, CEO Communities@Work

“The ‘Very Best Dressed' event was fantastic!  Such an inspiring event to know that the smallest and simplest things in life can help another person so much!”- Diana Malcomess

Insightful and humorous evening.  There is no better feeling for a woman than to walk away feeling empowered and the ladies achieved this tonight.  Well done and I look forward to your next event.”- Megan Kelly

“The idea of having my own personal brand, Me Inc., had never occurred to me before – however it is definitely something that I will use going forward.”- Janice Cowburn

“We (women) are insightful, intelligent and very good communicators.  There is nothing standing in the way of striving for what we want for our lives and helping the people around us.  Because I believe it’s not just about ourselves but paying it forward.”- Janet McCrystal

“I learnt some simple yet effective tips for presenting my best self. It made me think about my ‘personal brand' and how to best articulate it. To top it off it was great to be able to support such a great charity.”- Natalie Bryant